Buildings and Infrastructure

The evolution of engineering standards and greater awareness of sustainable building methods have led to an increasing demand for guarantees of the quality of buildings. In order to improve and certify the quality of buildings, ICMQ offers:

  • services for the voluntary certification of sustainability in construction, according to the protocols of Envision, LEED, BREEAM, GBC Italia, ITACA and ARCA;
  • statutory energy certification, both in compliance with national or local legislation and against the quality process stipulated by the voluntary Sistema Edificio® procedure;
  • energy diagnoses and energy audits on existing buildings in order to analyse, check and optimise energy performance, decrease management costs and guide investment for the redevelopment of buildings;
  • services for testing the acoustic performance of buildings.

ICMQ is a third-party certification body accredited by Accredia and specialised in the construction sector.

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